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According to Facebook (an unquestionably reliable source), one of my songs will be featured on the LDS Music Today podcast, show #83. If you haven’t heard of it, Steve Larsen has been doing a great job with the show for quite a while now. It’s a great place to discover and hear independent LDS artists as well as some of the more mainstream LDS musicians.

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Background: Lord, Accept our Offering

As promised, I’d like to give a bit of additional background on how my songs came to be.  Lord, Accept our Offering was written during a difficult period in my life.  I was a first-year teacher and a new father, and when I did get the rare opportunity to write, my work was generally uninspired.

To relieve some stress, I decided to begin writing hymns in each of the common meters.  I arbitrarily started with 7-5-7-5 meter and jotted down the text, beginning it as a hymn specifically about fasting.  I jotted down the first sketch of the hymn in Sacrament Meeting one Sunday.  As it developed, I wrote the first three verses, called the text complete, and forgot about it for a while.

I later rediscovered the lyrics in my pocket.  The fourth verse was added during revision, while I was writing the music.  7-5-7-5 meter makes for quite short verses, so I wanted a simple, memorable tune with uncomplicated harmonies.  I wrote the music during my lunch breaks at the school where I taught.  I was teaching in a modular building at the time, so I enjoyed a great degree of solitude.  The hymn brought me comfort as I wrote and sang it.

Church Music Submissions 2010

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints accepts music submissions annually. This year, I sent in a song titled Promises and a hymn text titled Lord, Accept our Offering. Guess what?  They each received an Award of Merit.  This means that the song will be performed at the Church Music Festival next February at the assembly hall on Temple Square.

I’m pretty excited.  I attended the Church Music Festival in 2007 and 2008 for other songs I have submitted.  This is the first time I have submitted a hymn text alone.

Promises will not be posted on until after the Church Music Festival, but Lord, Accept our Offering should be posted with music within the next two weeks is now posted here.

A blog? Ooh, that’s original.

Yes, I’m demonstrating my innovative spirit and individuality by doing what literally everybody else in my age range and demographic has done: I’ve started a blog.  Finally, I’m unique like everyone else.

This one is specifically linked to my musical and artistic pursuits.  You will find information about my music and the process by which it is made, beyond the brief blurbs that accompany each piece at

It’s not exclusively a professional blog, but it’s not fully a personal blog either (I promise no pictures of my cat*).  I suppose we could call it persfessional**.

Leave comments.  Agree with me.  Disagree with me.  I’ll be listening, as I hope you do.


* I don’t have a cat, so that promise is rock-solid.
** Based on some intense Google searching, I think I’m the first person to use the word “persfessional” on purpose.