Let the Parade of Losers begin!

Wasn’t that a catchy title?  It’s true.  I’ve decided to post some songs in the next couple of weeks that have lost (i.e. not received an award) in the annual Church Music Submissions.

This is also my backhanded way to give advice on how to win an award in the Church Music Submissions.  No, I don’t have a magical formula, but I can give some solid advice based on success and failure.

I need to say up front that I’m not a sore loser.  In this competition, I’ve won my share of awards, and I’m grateful when I do.  But in the past few years I’ve submitted some pieces that are a bit outside the box, hoping that I can in some small way elevate the musical culture of the Church.  I expect that some of those risks will not pay off in the competition.  But when they do, I’m thrilled.

Generally, my losing entries are perfectly good songs.  But they didn’t win for a variety of valid reasons.  Of course, since the committee does not give the submitters any critiques, these reasons are just guesses.  But I think they are pretty educated guesses since I’ve had the privilege of hearing so many of the winners over the past several years.

The losing entry I’ve posted today is I Am His Son.  I submitted it in the Primary Song division of the General Music category.  Why do I think it didn’t win?  Triplets.

There may be other reasons, too, but I think the triplets were the biggest drawback to this piece.  A lot of people think triplets are hard to sing and play.  Remember that one criterion for these submissions is ease of performance, especially Primary music.  I decided to take a risk by submitting a primary song that had a whopping 5 sets of quarter-note triplets in the refrain.

Add that to the fact that the song is written specifically for boys (so the whole Primary wouldn’t be able to participate in performing it), and it was just not a winner for this competition.

That said, the song fulfills the purpose for which it was written.  And for the record, the triplets in this piece are remarkably easy for kids to sing (my 3- and 5-year-old boys can do it).  It’s just not what the committee wanted.

Click for the next loser in this potentially fascinating series!

4 thoughts on “Let the Parade of Losers begin!”

  1. You are amazing Nathan, thanks for sharing your talents with us all. I think this should become a standard feature at every boy’s baptism – and what a lucky boy Ryan is to have such a talented uncle…Glenn

  2. This year, the Primary has been working on a tithing song I wrote called “The Windows of Heaven.” The song focuses on Malachi chapter 3, verse 10 , which explains that when we pay tithing the Lord will open up the windows of heaven and pour out blessings. In writing the song, my desire was to help children understand that the blessings we receive from paying tithing cannot be measured and are endless. I also wanted the children to know how the Lord uses tithing money.

  3. Annette, I would love to hear it as well. Perhaps even include it in my magazine Hymns Today – Nate can tell you about it…good for you for trying something original.

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