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In case you’ve been completely disconnected for the past couple of weeks, Google+ is the next big social networking platform. Some people think it will kill Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other competitors.

Although I don’t think Facebook will be hurt enough to shut down, there is one aspect of G+ that makes it more enticing than any previous social networking tool: It’s embedded in Google.

Almost everybody who uses the internet also uses Google search. Calendar, Gmail, and other Google services are also quite popular. Now, as a Google+ user, your status updates appear in a bar at the top of most of the Google services everybody has come to rely upon.

I work in schools, and I’ve seen the evolution of content blocking. But can any corporate or school network admin really block Google? Blocking Google would handicap reasonable, everyday business or education tasks. They couldn’t get away with it.

But soon, Google+ and Google everything else will be inseparable. Google realized that social networking is largely seen as unproductive use of time, so it designed its social network to embed itself in places that we have come to see as necessary for productivity.

Don’t be evil…?

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One thought on “Google+, Control-”

  1. I agree with you, but Google is trying to be evil. This, however is a failure in that respect. Google is the evil empire that couldn’t. I don’t see them building G+ for the sole purpose of getting people around network blocks. That was just a side note after they thought it up. Besides, if necessary, people can use *shudder* Bing, yahoo, or even dogpile, which includes Google searches. Sure, a block on Google would put people back a step, but is that necessary bad?

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