A blog? Ooh, that’s original.

Yes, I’m demonstrating my innovative spirit and individuality by doing what literally everybody else in my age range and demographic has done: I’ve started a blog.  Finally, I’m unique like everyone else.

This one is specifically linked to my musical and artistic pursuits.  You will find information about my music and the process by which it is made, beyond the brief blurbs that accompany each piece at NathanHoweMusic.com.

It’s not exclusively a professional blog, but it’s not fully a personal blog either (I promise no pictures of my cat*).  I suppose we could call it persfessional**.

Leave comments.  Agree with me.  Disagree with me.  I’ll be listening, as I hope you do.


* I don’t have a cat, so that promise is rock-solid.
** Based on some intense Google searching, I think I’m the first person to use the word “persfessional” on purpose.

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Nathan Howe is a Colorado composer, performer, and teacher. If you enjoy the free music available on this website, please share it with friends, commission a composition, or make a donation. Thank you!

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